Exhibiting at Le Consulat Des Arts means having the guarantee that the Client, the Artist and the Gallery will find their balance there:

The Artist / Creator can recover a larger margin, the gallery is inked in the city and by applying a small percentage offers rates similar to those that the artists themselves display in the studio.

The customer who is an art lover, passionate, invests in the purchase of the unique, rare, precious work !! But above all it contributes to the know-how of artists and artistic crafts. !!

Why this Space – showcase for rent?

-A drop-off point in the heart of the city and of choice!

-Visibility on the gallery’s website where each exhibiting artist / creator can broadcast their own communication

-Communication with local partners: Press, social networks, local cultural events or events …

If you are interested in a showcase space at the “Le Consulat des Arts” Gallery, do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to send us an email with your photos of your creations.

Contact : leconsulatdesarts@gmail.com Or 06 22 83 31 77 / 06 61 44 98 54