Jacques Drai

Jacques Drai is a painter who has lived in Montpellier for many years. He will exhibit internationally and will receive many awards: Saint-TRopez, the Balearics, Italy where he will be awarded by the city of Lecce in 2017. His technique will evolve throughout his pictorial journey: figurative at the beginning of his career to reach the border of cubism with fawn colors.

Jacques Drai believes that the painter’s eye is always in perpetual movement and wishes to imprint this dynamic in his work, by fragmenting the space as well as the subject. He thus hopes to capture and restore light and movement.

Jacques exhibits his Mediterranean landscapes in warm colors as well as nudes at the gallery.

Andrée Hugret

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Andrée Hugret lives in Fréjus in the Var. She is a self-taught artist and to perfect her creativity will pursue long training courses in sculpture, stained glass, painting and then computer science will help her in her current career, which she defines as digital painting. There are three stages in his works: Painting his canvas first or the drawing created, then comes the taking of photo which is scanned, and reproduced on aluminum plate.

Andrée Hugret exhibited for the centenary of the Salon d’Automne in Paris in 2003, Nice Galerie de St Paul de Vence, is part of a collective of artists “Tango Argentin”, received various prizes: Prix d’Art Contemporain Blois 2001, Contemporary Art Prize Menton 2007 …

All the techniques, it is a know-how, a study on abstraction … Only one element was missing …. The Transparency … And it is with the printing on Plexiglass, the addition of LEDs that Him will reveal this transparency. Andrée Hugret is currently exhibiting at the Galerie Le Consulat des Arts.

Gilette  Fernandez

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Gillette Fernandez is a painter born in Prades in the Pyrénées Orientales and more precisely in Ria. She continued her training at the Beaux-Arts in Perpignan and with thirty years of experience in her practice, remained faithful to the oil technique. In 1993, the autumn salon in Paris, the Composition Prize in Cannes in 1992, …
Her Painting remains figurative at the beginning of her career to move towards a lyrical abstraction, her canvases are inspired by reality by herself working Her landscapes live as well as her nudes from a live model. Gillette is always in search of vibrations and in the emotion of reality. The Galerie Le Consulat des Arts presents its latest series of portraits and nudes painted in oil.

Marie-Josée Sacrista

Marie-Josée Sacrista is a self-taught artist at the base. This Painter, native of Marseille, has now lived for many years in the Pyrénées-Orientales in a village called “Ille-sur-Têt”. She perfected her mastery in various artists’ studios, notably oil, which remains her preferred medium.

Marie-Josée presents us with a series of paintings from the 1950s “black series”, and of course painted in oil. Marie-Josée is fond of colors, attitudes, atmospheres but above all the emotion of the gesture and the gaze of her portraits which she exhibits at the Le Consulat des Arts gallery for the first time.


meskar is a Painter who lives in the Périgord. Meskar is internationally recognized as she has exhibited in Russia, Spain and Japan. Imaginary or real landscapes, seaside or forests, plains and countryside, she draws her inspiration and her emotions from the chances of her travels or simple walks in what nature can inspire her most beautiful, inexhaustible and inexhaustible source …

His paintings painted in oil refer to air, earth, water, to feel these elements that nourish his imagination in his creativity. The Artist explores the shores of an unknown land … And the painting comes to life! Meskar is exhibiting at the Le Consulat des Arts gallery for the first time.

Guillaume Lombard  

Guillaume Lombard is a Ceramic Artist based in Aveyron, more precisely in Polminhac. Guillaume is inspired by ancient civilizations such as Asia, each piece carries the emotion that animates it during its realization, which perhaps makes it more than a functional object.

Guillaume is an ethical artist who has decided to do without any toxic or polluting material, compromising the environment. This is how Guillaume Lombard decided to get closer to traditional and more sober techniques, without being austere for all that. Guillaume moved to the Le Consulat des Arts gallery for the first time.

Fabienne Ribeyrolles

Fabienne Ribeyrolles lives in Haute-Savoie. She is a painter in heritage decoration at the base. She will paint figurative for many years to evolve towards a totally abstract and more contemporary approach. She will receive the 1st prize for abstract painting in 2014 and 2015 at the Salon d’Art Contemporain in Draguignan … But also internationally: Galerie Saphira and Ventura NY USA … Shanghai …

His work is inspired by nature and in particular the four elements. Mixed techniques allow him to work with materials and movements. Each painting is an adventure that begins randomly, then Fabienne balances the lines, the masses, the colors while keeping the theme of nature. Fabienne Ribeyrolles exhibits her works at the Consulate of Arts

Monique Desset

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Monique Desset is from Carcassonne. Passionate about painting, Monique first perfected her technique with watercolor, then deepened her mastery through different techniques at the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts. If the question of work and material remains essential, color and shapes are also an essential issue. She will get THE 1st prize for contemporary art painting in Gironde in 2010 AND Toques ET Clochers IN 2016.

Monique Desset assembles, cuts, glues, paints, according to her emotions and desires in order to create a harmony of movement, light and lines within her creations. Monique Desset is exhibiting at Le Consulat des Arts gallery for the first time a series entitled “Plant Abstractions”.


Harry’s is a painter who lives in Nantes. He presents for the first time at the gallery Le Consulat des ARTS a series of portraits painted in oil by successive layers and all in superimpositions.

Harry’s prepares a first dark-colored base coat then he will bring out the volumes, the light but above all the expressions of the face that posed for him and inspired him to give him life and embody these refined and full of sensitivity features.

To discover !

Alain Poincheval

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Alain Poincheval has always been a painter and sculptor and lives in Aude. Painting first and then he will work with plaster, stone, earth … create living things that will express their human or animal place in the meanders of their history and give life, through movement in space and time to a presence that imposes itself and soothes.

Currently Alain exhibits at the Consulate of Arts his works worked with wire, metal, hemp dipped in polyester resin which shape his filiform sculptures, small, massive or even monumental.

Thus they take on the light, exist by or for themselves in the expression of their own history which mingles with that of the artist.

Delphine Beguinot-Dollet

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Delphine Beguinot-Dollet is a painter who lives in the Gers. She works with acrylic but also other mediums which brings material to her paintings. The outrages that time causes on the walls and in front of which we have happened to stop with pleasure and rapture, are the starting point of Delphine’s work. Like mirrors, she remakes as intuitively as possible through materials, textiles and colors, this stained, moldy, dilapidated wall which nevertheless caught her eye as surely as in front of a remarkable landscape.

The inexhaustible poetic reserve which is given to those who know how to see opens for Delphine Beguinot-Dollet an infinite world of exploration, as for those children who know without seeing it be amazed in front of a vacant lot where everything remains to be invented and lived.


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Carine Blouet is a visual artist who lives in the Gironde and more precisely in Sauveterre de Guyenne. An accomplished artist, she works in several mediums: oil, acrylic, inks, wood, clay, paper. The canvases that Blouet presents to us at the Galerie du Consulat des Arts are a mixture of oil and Indian ink; his work remains dreamlike and reflects all its light back to us. Blouet is also the grand prize of the Biennale de Cestas, 1st prize of the festiv’arts galleries in Arros Nay.

Malou Bertain

Malou Bertain is a sculptor artist who lives in the Eastern Pyrenees, near Perpignan. Self-taught since his childhood, Malou will acquire and refine his different techniques, and reveal himself by finding his real element: modeling, and this since 1993.

Malou Bertain will continue to improve with the 3rd dimension, and for 25 years that the Artist creates, will have acquired many awards: City Prize in Hammamet in Tunisia IN 2007, Gold Medal in Sorèze in 2010 …

Malou Bertain presents his sculptures in anodized bronze and marble powder at the gallery.

Chris Segura

Chris Segura is a Painter based in Albi, in the Tarn. SELF-TEACHED at the base, Chris will perfect her technique and many years later, in 2008, she created the Espace du Castelviel in Albi with her painting godfather: Claude Jalade. They will exhibit on numerous occasions.

IN 2015, she will run painting workshops in Saliès. This artist will receive the prize of the city of Graulhet in 2016, 2017 and 2018 …. among others.

Chris Segura feeds on the nature that surrounds him around his village, Saliès. She is showing for the first time at the gallery a series of poppies and landscapes painted in oil in a rather figurative style.

To discover !

Arlette Mouton

Arlette Mouton is a painter living in the Minervois for many years. Self-taught at the base, she will refine and base her technique on different mediums.

Arlette also works the land. The 3 D through modeling and seeing the form take shape, life in his hands remains an inexhaustible source of his creative energy. Arlette presents us to the gallery with a series of oil portraits as well as patinated clay sculptures.