Yolande Alvarez, originally from Narbonne, has lived in Carcassonne for many years, has been a self-taught artist since his earliest childhood, after having organized various events, cultural exhibitions in the region and animated workshops, internships within a collective of artists, takes two sabbaticals and decides to train at the Académie des Arts d’Avignon in order to perfect his skills.

On the strength of her experiences acquired over the years, she will bring the idea of ​​this cozy and chic “Gallery-Boutique” concept to the “Consulate of the Arts” as treasurer in the office and Artistic Director at the gallery.

Although born in Paris, in Montmartre, Paul-Louis Marsol is a child of Limoux, since his family has been born there for six generations, all of whom are very aware of Art. It is only naturally that he will go to the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Toulouse in 1982, manager of “Theater and Culture” in Carcassonne. Paul-Louis Marsol will subsequently become a co-founder member of the Ciné-Club de Limoux, which has existed for 28 years. He will participate in many film shoots. He was also a member of the French Federation of Cine-Clubs. Paul-Louis Marsol is President within the office and artistic director at the gallery.